That street art life though.


Leo Fitzpatrick

9pm: "I'm going to bed now."
10pm: "I'm going to bed now."
11pm: "I'm going to bed now."
12am: "I'm going to bed now."
1am: "I'm going to bed now."
2am: "I'm going to bed now."
3am: "FUCK."
4am: "FUCK."
5am: "OKAY."


Butter ave meet up.
Outfit rundowndress, socks and hair accessory : Angelic prettyblouse and shoes: bodylineeverything else was off brand
Notes: this is probably my favorite dress right now. I really love the chiffon  dresses and i’ll get more in the future.

Sooo pretty.

Just a reminder to all of you that an ex is an ex for a reason.
Quit dating your exes folks.


Selection from the Survival Series: Use What is Dominant…” by Jenny Holzer


Thanks for coming out.


I love this !!!!!!


Nadia Cassini

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