I want these brows though…


“Meteor Shower Party" by Eugenia Loli.

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Jan Ironside

Since things have been going kinda crappy lately, I’m going to try out #GratitudeMondays à la @heddalettucenyc 💚 
So, if I manage to keep this up, every Monday, I’ll be making a small #list of things I’m grateful for.  #Perspective is everything. 👌

This is my life. 😑 
#relevant #sociallyawkward #anxietyproblems

I had a dream about us last night.  We were on an adventure together, trying out 5 star hotel swimming pools at 3am.  You panicked in the deep end, and I was right there to grab your hand and pull you to the edge, just like the old days. 🌊👯 #storytime #sisters

A quite convoluted, moderately inspired, semi-enthusiastic, whimsical, wild, eclectic collection of complete and utter nonsense.